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    Post by WeThEgReEnPeOpLe on Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:21 pm

    I was bored xD

    The story is about a place called super crazy fun land but most people like to call it SCFL for short. In this land any thing can be done execpt magic i am trying to keep the plot as real as i can *cough cough* execpt for the name xD to be a member in this land fill this form out. Now the people that ask for the job first gets the job first. Also don't be picking a job like a cook then stabing people on the street xD all the cook does is cook for people the weapons(s) is for self defense so stay in charector

    Name: (in SCFL not on the site)

    Weapon(s): ( you can have a max of two weapons)

    Face: (optional) [face can be any avatar that you make or find on the internet that you think looks like your person)

    LIkes to: (what your person likes to do)

    Job: (what job you want)

    House: (just say what kind of house you live in)







    Cop [cops protect they do not hurt people]

    Cook [cooks make food for the people i will make SCFL a sub catagory and there will be a restraunt where you serve people]

    Robber [robbers rob people and hurt people]

    citizen [citizens walk around eating and talking xD]

    Now this is the best story i could make up Razz please try to stay in charector no spamming or flamming people. Thanks so much and i will be posting my charector soon.

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