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    Psp Tool v0.8 Empty Psp Tool v0.8

    Post by JoSHeRz x on Fri Jan 23, 2009 7:13 pm

    Psp Tool v0.8 Frmbuf10
    I have decided to stop including sources now because they are bloating the size of the file.

    PSP Tool is a multi-purpose utility to application which can perform various general management functions on a PlayStation Portable console. This includes:
    - Backup and Restore the IdStorage of the PSP
    - Check the IPL injected on the Memory Stick or a file located on the Memory Stick
    - Check, Backup, Restore and change the battery EEPROM
    - Connect various devices through a USB cable
    - Create a checksum of the IPL injected on the Memory Stick or an IPL located on the Memory Stick
    - Create a variety of different Magic Memory Sticks
    - Erase the entire IPL space of the Memory Stick
    - Extract the IPL injected on the Memory Stick to a file
    - Format the Memory Stick
    - Inject a variety of included IPLs or an IPL from a file to the Memory Stick

    This is very good i have this Smile

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