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    Ulltimate Vsh Menu V1

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    Ulltimate Vsh Menu V1 Empty Ulltimate Vsh Menu V1

    Post by JoSHeRz x on Fri Jan 23, 2009 7:17 pm

    Ulltimate Vsh Menu V1 Vshmen10
    - Press SELECT for open/close Ultimate VSH Menu
    - Don't activated VSH Menu in camera
    - Don't activated VSH Menu in internet browser
    - Possibility to change XMB CPU
    - Possibility to change Game CPU
    - Possibility to change USB device
    - Possibility to change UMD iso mode
    - Possibility to change game kernel
    - Possibility to activated skip sony logo
    - Make autoboot battery
    - Make pandora battery
    - Make normal battery
    - Shutdown function
    - Suspend function
    - Reset function

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